Where It All Started

Shashwat started by working in five star hotels across India but after a trip to Auroville he was inspired to create a home for like minded travellers in his home city of Varanasi.

In 2017 work began to create what has now become Ganges Nirvana.

One Man’s Dream

Ganges Nirvana was created to be a free hostel for travellers who live together in a conscious community. It is a place where you can just be yourself. A place where artists, musicians, adventures and free spirits can share their lives.

It is created by travellers, for travellers. Every person that passes through the doors leaves their own mark and help us to realise our dream.

We’ve Come So Far

What was first just a building with three floors full of rubble has now been transformed. With the work of many volunteers, starting with the first Couchsurfer in February 2017, we have created so much.

There are now two floors filled with beautifully finished rooms, decorated with artwork commissioned from talented travelling artists. There are 25 beds throughout the house and seven bathrooms. We have created three fully functional kitchens and have a super fast optical fibre internet connection.The garden at the front of the property has been landscaped and we have completely remodelled the rooftop to create a beautiful chill out space.

The lower two floors have been used to generate income via online bookings which brings us one step closer to our dream of complete sustainability.

We have generated jobs within our local community and now have two full time employees.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work and generosity of the people that make up our community. Our family now reaches across the world and we see them returning again and again to keep us growing.

Where Are We Going Next?

We are committed to developing a sustainable conscious community. We want to develop our space to be a mecca for creativity, a space where artists, musicians, writers, dancers and performers can come to share their gifts and be inspired by those around them.

We believe in providing a place to create freely, to learn every day and share openly.

Ganges Nirvana provides the place where magic can happen.

We Need Your Help

Here are some of the projects we have planned for the future. Our dreams are big, but we know everything is possible when we work together.

Music Recording Studio

A creative space for musicians to jam and create. We will need soundproofing, speakers, computer and sound recording software and microphones.

Therapy Room

A multi-purpose therapy room for massage, Reiki, sound therapy, acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis and much more. We will need a multi-purpose massage table, cushions, towels, candles, a good quality sound system and some beautiful decorations.

Rooftop Garden Cafe

For the launch of our rooftop cafe we are planning to start small with just a simple kitchen but even simple kitchens need a lot of work. We need to build work surfaces, storage areas and serving hatches. We will need fridges, stove tops and all the pots, pans, cutlery and all the crockery you would expect.

Creative Corner

We want to be sure we have everything we need for people to nurture that creative passion. We want to supply paints, general art materials such as pencils and pens, good quality paper, yarn and wool, knitting needles and crochet needles and plenty of beautiful things to use.

Exchange Boutique Store

A simple shop for travellers to buy and sell, turning someones trash into someone else’s treasure. We need to construct a room, put in some shelves, clothes rails and storage.

Climbing Frame and Slide for the Rooftop

No joke! We have two rooftops so a climbing frame to get up and and slide to come down is the perfect solution. Shashwat gets to go first.


We believe in a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. We want to build a basic gym with a crossfit, tyres, ropes, monkey bars and weights.

Yoga Studio

We want to create a peaceful and clean space dedicated to yoga. We will have a high quality wooden floor, provide matts, cushions and straps. The room will be decorated to a high standard with some carefully selected artwork.


As you can see, we have some big dreams, just like when we started not so long ago with a building full of rubble, and look how far we have come since then. With your help we know we can realise our dream and create a truly magical place for travellers and free spirits to call home in Varanasi.

If you want to help us realise our dream you can send donations to Ganges Nirvana using TransferWise, just follow the instructions on