Welcome to Ganges Nirvana Community & Homestay

Join our Community!

Everybody is most welcome to be a part of the family! Life with us in a community can be an incredible experience to open your mind and understand a different way of living.

Because we are still on setup and building stage, we always need help​ to sustain and improve the Community​.

So if you want to stay in the Community, we will welcome you as a ​volunteer​.​ We will first ask you to stay 2 nights as a guest in our Homestay. During this time, we will get to know each other and find out if and how we harmonize together.

As a volunteer, we expect you to :

  • stay at least for 1 week,
  • be actively involved everyday (4 hours per day) to accomplish the daily community tasks (cooking, housekeeping and house building)
  • take part at the 9:00 AM meeting, where we discuss and share the daily community tasks
  • to contribute Rs.250 per day, which include 3 meals, filtered water and bed. This contribution covers the direct and indirect daily living costs, and keeps building up the Community. 

Enjoy our Homestay!

Sometimes some visitors don’t have the time or just don’t feel like getting fully involved within the Community. You want to come to visit Varanasi, simply need your privacy or a place to relax in a comfortable home…

Don’t worry, you are also welcomed as a ​guest ​in our Homestay! We have different types of clean and nice rooms for all kind of budgets, from the dormitory to the double room with private bathroom. We also have a shared kitchen for the guests, that you can use​ to cook your own food and enjoy. Please be aware that we do not have any servant or staff. Fast free wifi is available in the common area.

You can check the available rooms and book it on AirBnB and Booking.com, call us or write us on Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook… You want to join us as a volunteer in the Community, or as a guest in our Homestay? Please write us in advance. Hope to see you soon!