Please do not let anyone tell and make you believe that this homestay does not exist or that it has closed down or a similar remark. This is a very common scam in India. auto-rickshaws and taxis drivers receive commission from other places and hence they may try to dupe you into going there instead. Ignore everything else and follow our directions below.

If relevant, tell your driver (insist!) to take you to ​Shri Ram Nagar Colony NOT Ram Nagar (which is on the other side of the Ganga), and near ​Manduadih Railway Station NOT Varanasi junction (which is an other train station). It is a common mistake. Insist!

It’s easier if you can call us, so that we explain our address to the taxi or auto-rickshaw driver: ​+91 99 99 23 01 02​.

From Varanasi Junction Railway Station (BSB)

Auto-rickshaws (what the foreigner call as “tuk-tuks”) and OLA cabs are available just outside of the railway station. There is no bus service in Varanasi, the shared auto-rickshaws works as buses here.

  • You can find for Rs.100/120 if it is private transportation (OLA cabs or private auto-rickshaws). The driver will bring you until our homestay: Plot no. 175, Lane no. 2, Shri Ram Nagar Colony, DLW Road, near Manduadih Railway Station.
  • Alternatively​, you can also get a shared auto-rickshaw ​going in DLW direction ​for Rs.20 per person. Ask the driver to drop you in front of the “Shri Ram Nagar Colony Gate”, and then you have to walk 200 meters to Plot no. 175, Lane no. 2 (Shashwat’s house).

From Manduadih Railway Station (MUV)

Our Homestay is in “Shri Ram Nagar Colony”, about 10 minutes walking distance from this station. Turn right when you go out of the train station on DLW road, walk around 300 meters and turn left to pass under the “Shri Ram Nagar Colony” Gate. Go 100 meters straight, turn left in front on the “Pain Management Hospital”. Our Homestay is 20 meters away, on the right side. Better if you have Google map or with you!

From Mughal Sarai Junction Railway Station (MGS)

  • Exit the station and take an auto-rickshaw or a taxi for “Shri Ram Nagar Colony” near Manduadih Railway Station, and show the address to the driver or call us so that we explain it to him. The auto-rickshaws should cost roughly Rs.300/400 and the taxi Rs.400/500. These two options are the most convenient for you.
  • Alternatively​, you may also try to get a shared auto-rickshaw to Varanasi Junction for Rs.30 per person, and then follow the above guided directions (​From Varanasi Junction Railway Station (BSB)​). 

From the Bus Station

Take a train from Varanasi You are brave for taking a bus! In this case you will most likely be dropped off either at Varanasi Bus Stand or in the vicinity of Varanasi Junction Railway Station. The best thing would be to find the train station and then follow the above directions.

From the Airport

  • Go past the baggage claim, then just before exiting the airport there are a couple of pre-paid taxi booths on the left. You can get an AC Taxi for Rs.700. Tell the Taxi driver to bring you to Plot no. 175, Lane no. 2, Shri Ram Nagar Colony, DLW Road, near Manduadih Railway Station.
  • –  We also offer a pick-up service for Rs.1,600. If you’ve booked a transfer with us, then please just exit the airport terminal, and we will be waiting for you with a placard. Please write us in advance.

From the Ganga River

Haha, no kidding – it’s quite possible (at least from nearby cities like Allahabad). This is very unlikely to happen, but just in case you do arrive on a boat, let us know and in honour of your adventurous spirit we will pick you up for free! Make sure to de-board at Assi Ghat.