Be welcome to take part in our traveller Community & Homestay! Imagine exploring India by living in the core of its holy capital and enjoying an unique atmosphere, with art work made by travellers from all over the globe! ​Ganges Nirvana is dedicated to the fusion of both a comfortable place to stay for the lowest possible cost ​and a wonderful mix of people with whom one can share, explore, ​develop their creativity and relax. ​It is the place for gypsy souls to enjoy, within walking distance of 5 minutes from Manduadih Railway

Train Station. It is just 15 minutes away from Dashasumedh Ghat (main entrance of the Ganga river in the old city) that is reachable with a shared auto-rickshaw for just 20 rupees.

Namastè everyone, i’m Shashwat.

I have been working in a 5 star hotel for several years​, but after travelling to places like Auroville and exploring my native India and neighbour country, I’ve experienced a great transformation. Thanks to my itchy feet and to the abundance that is delivered when we drop preconceptions, I had a lot of incredible adventures.
In February 2016, I quit my hotel job to chase my dream of exploration. A couple of years back I found this beautiful old traditional Indian house in Varanasi, with its lovely small garden in front, where I dreamed to create a new community, where everybody could do, learn and experience some other form of lifestyles and spirits, explore themselves, and share their peace and love… In February 2017, I decided to transform my house into an open space to welcome travellers. My intention is not to create an hostel, run a business or just provide a place to stay. ​It is not about the money, ​it is to help the travellers by creating a community, a lovely home for all of us. A magic corner in Varanasi, were social and cultural experiences can come up. ​Little by little interest and help grew and now the place is in constant expansion…

For the travellers, by the travellers

We are putting a lot of effort to build this place with the help of hundreds of travellers volunteering here. ​Turning a place into more than just accommodation is our mission, and we set out to realize it everyday. Our goal is to ensure that people travelling through Ganges Nirvana do not just feel like passers-through, but rather feel that they are a part of a welcoming and open community. ​It should become a heaven for people that are willing to contribute according to his/her talents, to enjoy living together and help each other. Giving and sharing. Everyone gets something back.

Just be yourself

The idea behind this project is to create a space for a community of free spirits​, that value creativity and compassion​. ​Ganges Nirvana gives you a place and time to become what you like to be, out of the society system and his lot of pressure, and learn according to your freedom. It is about caring and healing each other rather than criticising and judging. It gives you the opportunity to go outside of the frame and exchange mental and emotional experiences or any other activity that travellers can offer (cooking, yoga, meditation, music…).

A home away from home

If you have ever travelled on a small budget in a foreign country for a long time you probably know how hard it can be to find a comfortable and affordable place to stay, with a group of people to spend your time with. ​At Ganges Nirvana you can find a peaceful neighbourhood away from craziness and noise of the city (especially away from honking), cozy mattress, private rooms, friendly service, homely comfort, helpful host, clean and hygienic washrooms, safe arrangements, awesome stories from our travellers… All these things make it a perfect spot for relaxation & good sleep after exploring heart and soul of the Holy & ancient city!

A project in setup stage

Its atmosphere and walls are in continuous transformation as their occupants are. It is an endless metamorphosis! ​The aim on long term is ​to reach sustainability and ​to develop a Community with free accommodation, based on common tasks and donations for the daily costs (food,elec,water,general maintenance…). Meanwhile, b​ecause we are still on setup stage and many work has to be done before this place becomes as we wish to be, we have two different types of travellers in the house: volunteers in our Community and guests in our Homestay. ​The rent of the rooms and the contribution from the volunteers are the main income to keep developing this place. ​Besides, it is also because of the helping volunteers that this place can grow a little bit each day. They are constantly organising the daily tasks and working on the house to keep it tidy and inviting.

How to contribute to Ganges Nirvana? – Stay as a volunteer

We always need people for helping building and improving the community organisation. Before you can join the community as a volunteer, we will ask you to stay 2 nights as a guest. During this time, we will get to know each other and find out if and how we harmonize together. As a volunteer, we expect you to stay at least for 1 week.

  • Share your knowledge with the community
  • Do you have any special skills or gifts? Please share them with us and support our local creative community to bring an authentic experience to Ganges Nirvana. Many past guests have passed through here and have left their incredible work on and in our walls, by doing, sharing and teaching : music, art, yoga, tantra workshop, contact dance, meditation, culture – these are the types of contributions we look for, that make Ganges Nirvana a nexus of creativity and beauty.
  • Give donations. Generous donation can help to realize our goals that much faster (finish constructing the floors, the rooftop cafe and recording studio, develop an NGO and their actions…).
  • Communicate about this place. You can also help us a lot by spreading the word about Ganges Nirvana Community to people who understand our mission and know that the only way to keep this special place going is active support. It is through any social media accounts that we reach new and like-minded guests who are looking for a different backpacking experience.

We wish that all the travellers who have come here will bring the sense of community they felt at Ganges Nirvana to wherever else they travel, and bring the spirit of Ganges Nirvana wherever they go.