Ganges Nirvana Conscious Travellers Community

The Ganges Nirvana conscious community is a unique group of travellers in the spiritual city of Varanasi. It’s a space where art, music and dance are welcomed, a space where you can be yourself. A place to rest and restore your energy in a home away from home.

You are welcomed into our family, we look forward to living, learning and creating with you.

Community Contribution

If you want to join our community you can stay for just Rs.250/night which covers basic accommodation (bring your own tent or hammocks, mattresses on floors etc.) and food. We do ask that you integrate with our community but we will not have any specific expectations regarding your time. This is a great option if you want to be part of a community but still have your time free to use how you choose.

Long term, we want to run the community for free, based on donations from the travellers. At present the Community has many expenses to cover basic needs such as:

  • Direct living cost : food, water, drinking water, electricity, wifi, cleaning products, bed sheets laundry, etc.
  • Indirect living cost : maintenance like plumber and electrician, water filter, renew material and furnishing (bed sheets, lights, paint etc.)
  • Investment ​into Ganges Nirvana project: ​whatever is saved of this Rs.250 will be used to pay the construction labours, buy new construction materials and home furnishing.

Keep the common sense and think “community”

  • Clean and tidy as soon as you feel there is something that needs to be done, ​even if it is not yours.
  • Ask around to find out who needs help​, and be willing to stop what you are doing to give help. Interact with each other. Everyone gives back and helps out in anyway he or she can.
  • Save time, energy and money ​by ​always asking before working​: starting any new task, implementing new ideas, painting (read/ask for the procedure document, we need to save this expensive materials), cutting or disposing/throwing away, using any resource material (including recycling).
  • Think “common”​: this can be anything, for example, making a tea for everyone, organise a city tour together…
  • We do not allow alcohol or drugs in the house. You may smoke on the rooftop in the smoking zone only.
  • Be careful and respectful with everybody (active listening, mindful discussions…), make it your mission to bring people into a good mood and help everyone to feel comfortable in the community. It is hard to build a community if no one socialises.
  • Help us to heal each other,​ to spread love and happiness: it is about caring and supporting, not about judging or criticising. We all have different channels, characters and horizons… Wherever you come from, we all are human first and have our own emotions.

It is the people who cycle through Ganges Nirvana, the stories they tell and the bonds they form that create the community!