Story of Andrea Kňazovčíková

This story started while my solo traveling in Thailand. One guy invited me to join him for a trip to India. I didn’t need so much time to think about it because India was on my list already for long time.
Two months later we met at the airport in New Delhi and started to travel. First days I was scared, I needed some time to get used to all the stuff going on around me. So different than Europe, so different than everything I saw before actually.
We were traveling little bit more than week and then we decided to stay in Ganges Nirvana homestay in Varanasi. That time nobody knew its really gonna became my home for a while. I already started to feel nice and comfortable in India and at some point we decided to split our ways with that guy. At least for a while.
I wanted to do it but on the other hand I didn’t count with it so I needed some time to create some new plans. Thanks God we stayed in this great place with so warm-hearted guys taking care about it. I stayed there few more days with them and I started to help them with cleaning the house. I didn’t plan it at all but I became part of totally amazing community there, we were talking a lot, eating together and it just felt so nice to relax with great people around me.
I had time to plan my next weeks in India, I got inspired so much and they told me so beautiful words, full of understanding and support which motivated me to do it and stay in India alone.

Now its over, I am going back home. With big pain in my heart because of leaving India. I experienced so many intense moments there that makes me sad to be leaving such a different world which I really fell in love with.

Thank you guys, thank you Ganges Nirvana for your energy


Take care!

Andrea Kňazovčíková

Czech Republic