If your first language is not english you might be googling what bustling is. I had to do just that and I just pasted it below 🙂

It has two meanings. Bustling is an adjective to refer to a place full of activity as well as to someone’s movement. And of course, it is actually impossible to define or describe India in one world, do not take it too seriously.

You may think of hinduism, maharajah, ganges, hospitality, horn, himalayas, lassi, ghee, hinduism, mahal, curry, spicies, intense, samosa, chai… and so forth. The point is that I arrived in India overland from Myanmar and, even though in one of the calmest places in India (the Seven Sisters), I was completely choked by the people’s density, even being “vaccinated”.

Manipur and Nagaland, in the Northeast, have a people density of roughly 120 people per square kilometer. Uttar Pradesh, on the other hand, has roughly 800. It is like in Singapore, but with the area of UK somehow. Ah, if UP were a country it would be the sixth in population (more than Pakistan or Bangladesh). Almost like Brazil, a country larger than India, anyway..

Btw, I just came from one of my most intense experience as a traveller. Have you heard about the Kumbh Mela? It is such an unique human manifestation that entered the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in late 2017. Kumbh Mela is the largest: festival on earth, congregation of human beings, religious ceremony I have ever seen (and it will likely be forever). As a matter of comparison, the Vatican reached roughly 4 million pilgrims in 2016. Jeresularem attracted 3,5 million people during 2017’s christmas time. Mecca during Hajj receives approximately 3 million pilgrims. Here we are talking about 30 million people on a single day (120 million in a month) with its vast majority from the same nation state.

Kumbh Mela 10 Februrary 2019 in Praygraj. Photo: hBarbara Zambelli Azevedo


Come to Ganges Nirvana for a couple of days before to “acclimatize”. We will make your life easier and your experience richer.

Take the most from this genuine vibrant society, be kind and respectful and make sure you learn at least other two phrases besides Namaste. Like aap (how) kaise (are) ho (you) or alvida (goodbye)!


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