5 places to work remotely in Varanasi

This post is for you if you are travelling and working remotely, or just want to make sure that you find a place to use WiFi without problems while enjoying a nice drink. It will not be the 10 rupees chai from the corner, but perhaps a 60 rupees espresso.

Most of them are located very close to Assi Ghat, where most of tourists stay. My partner and I explored all of these places ourselves and we share our own experience. Try yours and let us know! 🙂

  1. Ganges Nirvana: yes, it is sure part of the marketing. But honestly, the place is very welcoming and have good internet . Send us an email and let’s find a deal. What about coffee, free tea, snacks and free good Internet and cozy atmosphere in a package? Get away from touristic places for awhile 🙂
  2. Open Hand: is a project of for sustainable clothes manufacturing. As part of their business model they run a coffee (and) shop in Varanasi. Yes, bothing sharing the same space. You can take a look at the beautiful clothes while reading the news and having an 60 rupees espresso. Moreover, the place is a nice hub of locals and foreigners. Make sure you arrive early and find a hidden table just beside the reception.
  3. Mark café: it is almost in front of Open Hand. You can arrive for a full set of breakfasts (busy time) and stay longer. They have a balcony with individual desks that fits perfect to get the work done.
  4. Ithaas Alley Kitchen: the only in the list that is actually a restaurant. They also serve an international food menu with plenty of options. But still you can just ask a orange juice or a tea and stay for some hour. Btw, as it’s not a coffee shop it might be less busier and they have a good Internet connection.
  5. Café Café Varanasi: is a tiny and friendly coffee shop. Btw, the owner of the coffee shop also owns the hotel beside. To use the bathroom you go to the rooftop of the hotel and there is a very nice view! You can get a good Internet connection and a 50 rupees Darjeeling tea.

Check the places and let us know. We would love to read other recommendations as well. Ah, it is in our medium and long-term project the Ganges Nirvana Rooftop Café. Stay tunned and come for a coffee 🙂


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